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  1. Hey guys, I think my lower arm bushing has worn out. I am driving a 2010 Impreza 4D 1.5R. Anyone know what's the cost to change the bushing for each wheel? It sounds like my both front bushings have worn out. Was thinking to buy the spare parts and get a JB workshop to do it, but was told that there are 2 pieces (one big and one small, S$40, and S$30 respectively) for each set, a bit worry I will buy the wrong parts, thus, wonder if this is advisable (buying own parts and fix at JB)? Cheers, Howard
  2. Hi, have you changed the arm bushing? If so, may I know what's the damage? It seems like all the four bushes of my impreza has worn out to certain degree haha..
  3. Thanks! I called JAE, and as you mentioned, they ask for my car plate number and quote me the wheel bearing. However, the workshop told me that my model's (2010 Impreza 4D 1.5 Manual) wheel bearing comes with the sensors, so must buy the entire hub, I just wonder if there's any photo online available so that I can do a visual check at the stockist? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I intend to buy the wheel bearing and get it changed in a workshop at JB. However, I am not too sure what is/are the exact items need to be bought? Any recommendation? In addition, is there a difference between front and rear wheel bearing?
  5. Hey guys, I am newbie to subaru. Just bought a Impreza 1.5R manual. Hitting the 80,000km soon and will need to change gear oil. I just wonder the gear oil changing process is similar to other car which I can bring to any workshop at JB to change OR it has to be done by pro-Subaru workshop? Cheers, Howard
  6. Went back to check and was told it's the rear wheel's bearing got problem. They charge me $220 each (I suppose there 2 two bearing), is this price reasonable?
  7. Hey guys, I'm having a Impreza 1.5R. Recently sent my car for regular service with spark plug change. However, after few days of driving, I realize there's a blowing sound like exhaust leaking whe the car is moving (with or without pedal pressed), and the sound gone once the car stop (engine on). Any idea what's going on?
  8. Just got my rear bumper hit....may I know if anyone can recommend a workshop to replace or repair (cheap and nice), mine is a 4D 1.5R, thanks!
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