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  1. Upz
  2. The pads are not ex. Last time I changed the front was 200+ if I’m not wrong. The rear should be cheaper but I’m not sure how much...maybe 100plus?I’m not sure bout rotors but I’m quite sure it’s below 1k for the front. Rear rotors are still good so no need to change it.
  3. price lowered to 2k to clear space. Pm to deal
  4. Upz
  5. I have a set of Brembo GT for sale. Front 4 pot, rear 2 pot. 4 x100 ( 330mm) Front rotors and rear brake pads need to change. Other then that, everything is in perfect working condition. Items already out of car so it’s cash and carry. Feel free to pm me for any queries. Asking $2.4k
  6. Is it still available?
  7. Have a Brembo gold front and back for sale at $1.2k. Previously on a legacy gt. just serviced last year with original Brembo service kit. Working condition is excellent. Dixcel Rotors ( 5x100) were also changed last year. Only rear brake pads might require change but other then that, everything is all good. Item already dekitted so its cash and carry. Pls pm if interested.
  8. Complete set of Brembo gold with dixel rotors. 5 x 100. Just serviced mid of last year. Asking $1.2k