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  1. Congrats ... remember to post pics here when you collected.
  2. Items for quick sale : 1. 2 years old STI (VA) Radiator - $100 2. 1 year old Cobb SF filter - $50 Take both items at $120. Parts still in car, so confirm working. Parts will be out of car next week. PM if interested.
  3. Good idea ... let's start the group : )
  4. You will get the payment and collection details soon. Let me know if you have further clarifications. cheers
  5. This is to confirm we have recevied your registeration. Let me know if you have further clarifications. cheers
  6. Any one of you signed up ? It will be good to see a lot of 4Gs for the event : ) Feel free to contact me for details or clarifictions cheers
  7. I scare you don't come
  8. In case you guys missed it .... Hope to see a lot of VAs for the event !!
  9. Please help to spread the news .... will be one hell of an event !!
  10. Nice ride
  11. 6.3km per litre for a 1.6 auto na stock car .... unheard of : )
  12. Did you bought the car ? Can take some pics and post here ? It looks damn sexy on pictures : )