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  1. Car sold thanks for viewing.
  2. Hi all selling the following items. All items still on ride. labor on buyer. If take more than 1 item willing to give discount. PRICE WISE PLEASE OFFER ME A REASONABLE PRICE, NEGOTIABLE FOR ALL BUT PLEASE DONT LOWBALL ME. I RATHER SELL IT TO FELLOW BROS THEN GIVE IT TO THE SCRAPYARD. **All items require swap 1) Brembo gold front back full set with rotors need swap. 2) Rota 18 inch rim. (black color, visible kerb rash) 3) A pair of RECARO SR4 Premium. (Previous owner told me its original, welcome to do your authenticity checks) 4) FUJI exhaust with cert 5) Tien coilover with EDFC 6) Carbon Fibre Bonnet (need swap with urban grey) 7) Cabron Fibre Boot (need swap with urban grey) 8) Black Apexi AVCR Boost Controller 9) Sub and Amp (idk what brand is it comes with the car when I bought it will check and update) That's all I can think of for now. Interested buyer can whatsapp me at 96360035 Leon. Thanks.
  3. Looking for quick deal
  4. Hi still looking for potential buyers upz
  5. Whatsapp me at 96360035 for quick deal seldom come online!
  6. Car needs to go. Going at a good price pm me thanks
  7. Come come price really reduced and negotiable car need to go!
  8. Hi guys, I am letting go my apr 07 wrx with lots of wear and tear done up with receipts to prove. Car is tuned to 320bhp nice and good for daily drive. Car comes with those necessary mods such as exhaust etc. Car Confirm can tahan for renewal of COE. price negotiable for sincere and serious buyer. Interested parties PM me for more details.
  9. hi bro personally have not dealt with Ken from Edge but heard from my friend Edge is quite good too. As for unichip and RSchip I have not much knowledge on that haha so cant really give any comments haha! Can go down to both shops and ask more see what are the pros and cons and who you're comfortable with to let your car to be tuned.
  10. what mods have you have in your car? Sian really dk what to do with the car now!!
  11. Hmmm maybe I should get my insurance to 3rd party also.. since even if accident also wont claim. you driving a wrx renewed coe alr? how much did you paid?
  12. Bro enrell I am looking more to the evo 9s. but its really expensive! Bro Wyven, yeahs I dont think that scrapping the wrx I can get a evo! and that yes evo are like gold bars now!! I am thinking of waiting for 1 or 2 years before i enter the market to get an evo if i were to scrap my wrx.Decisions making always sucks.but nonetheless what you said make sense! so as long as renew coe insurance covers 3rd party only??
  13. Bro Wyven I have to agree with what you said. Cause contemplating cant really make up my mind. Insurance alr paying so much actually it doesnt make a difference but i heard from my friends that it will be a huge jump thats why I'm checking with bros out here who have renew or driven a coe car. Must check what I am getting into first before making decisions haha! Dont want to regret also. any idea how much can wrx get back other than the parf value, meaning body value engine parts and stuff?? Really noob in this type of things haha sorry for so many questions. On a side note seems like many people will ask me to scrap and get an evo haha any reason why so?
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