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  1. wtb vf52 turbo. contact me at 97980228 thanks!
  2. interested in Brembo. PM-ed
  3. Looking around to get a set of 2nd hand coilovers or lowering springs for the exiga gt.. anyone knows what other subaru models share the fitting of the exiga, so when looking around i know what can fit.. thanks!
  4. Want to buy STI coil springs, to fit exiga gt. can contact 9798 0 22 8 thanks!
  5. Hi, not sure if anyone knows what turbo is the exiga GT running on, and is it possible to upgrade the turbo, and to what model? anyone wants to form a chatroom we can discuss more? cheers..
  6. what information do u need? the one i have from motorimage is very very simple, not much info inside... i also have the japanese one in pdf, i think u use google translate is better?
  7. Its been abit dead here... any owners reading this? just curious, what brand petrol are u pumping now?
  8. hey people, hows the reliability of this car? Thinking to get the 2.0 version.. I heard that subaru traditionally have quite some problems..