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    VEP Malaysia

    Just came back from Malaysia. I asked the immigration officer when will the VEP be implemented. She mentioned postponed till further notice. However there are e-notifications along the road requesting foreign cars owners to start registering at their website.
  2. TCC

    RON 100

    Yah it is Petron RON 100. Not aware that Shell also produce RON 100.
  3. TCC

    RON 100

    RON 100 was just rolled out in Malaysia... anybody tried?
  4. TCC

    VEP Malaysia

    Nemo, my main concern was that actually.. the reason why I didn't apply then was the requirement for personal data.. hope there will be on site purchase at the custom or toll counter when this roll out..
  5. TCC

    VEP Malaysia

    Thanks for the confirmation Rex. Hope it won't kick in without warning.
  6. TCC

    VEP Malaysia

    Ok thanks John. Good news actually.
  7. Hi anyone drove to Malaysia lately? Do we need to apply for VEP? There is no news after this was postponed last year though it was mentioned that the new requirement will kick in wef 1st Jan 2016. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your tips.. sound quite straight forward but my worry is I will create another mess.. may be try on a small part and see how it turned out..
  9. Thanks for the advice.. will try again.. Merry Christmas..
  10. Hi Smudge, thanks for your reply. I think I took too long and now the headlight have stain. If I redo will it came off or make it worst..?
  11. Hi can anyone advise how best to restore oxidised headlights? I tried using Meguiar's product but got worst...
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