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  1. Hold M and press 1 or 2 till you hear a bleep.
  2. Bp9 is the one to get. Getting rare in SG now.
  3. Bp9 has s drive and front is a little different.
  4. Hahahaha. But the newer generation is an old man's car. The true animals are 4th generation.
  5. Still looking around at the mom. I get most of my stuff from overseas, I find SG expensive and the pound is down to the dollar so shopping in the UK is cheap at the mom.
  6. I'm on standard calipers but up rated discs and pads. Discs are R Line (slotted) from US and pads EBC red stuff. If just running below 300bhp, stock calipers can deal with it. Must get some hoses!
  7. Ken is good for tuning, I went there last mth. For servicing I would go else where, I needed to get some bushes replace was quoted over 1k. So off I went got on line got some new bushes and now trying to find the time to get them done. Good thing about BKS is that he uses Subaru fluids and parts. If lucky might even get STI/group N parts cheaper. He's a man of knowledge and tells you all the things you need to know. (gives you no B/S) Not like a lot of the other places I have been. If it's a old or new Scooby do. I'm sure it will be in safe Hands
  8. I wouldn't even use them for parts. Depends how rich you are hahahahaha
  9. Stay away from MI, even for aftermarket stuff order on line. MI just Rob you blind even for servicing. My last car was a forester took to MI ended up paying over 5k for work that cost about 2k and then I did get anything thrown in for free. I avoid the place. As for the shop knowing your car I would trust them with a brand new levorg. Oil wise I can't remember, but it's good stuff.
  10. Shop wise I use bks at North point. Pro subaru and doesn't miss lead you.
  11. Bro, what is the vin no? Look at window screen bottom left. If you see BL then you got BL and same for BP.
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