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  1. Sorry, have yet to close this one. Went to checked the error code, turned out to be probably glitch although its point to rear o2 sensor. After the reset, not engine check light not poping out for some time now..
  2. Hi Guys, Any where I can find to purchase/fix, I'm looking for 2008 - 2011 Impreza 4D 2.0 R-S stock side skirt and rear body kit with airscoop bonnet. Some thing like this: http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=572958&DL=2494
  3. I'm on stock ECU and had it reset at a pro subaru workshop. Somewhat its a glitch from rear o2 sensor. Wondering if I can do the reset myself without having to go the workshop visit next time...
  4. Gotten this engine check light while driving. Suspect due to low RPM. Any bros got this issue before, any workshop near town that I can drop by to check and clear the error code. Or any ODBII device that can recommend to DIY. Thanks.
  5. I read somewhere too that better to get non-oily type.. I thought pipercross is, but turned out to be somewhat similar like k&n.
  6. Went there to have a look, turned out its the bushing and linkage wear and tear... Got them all replaced at a reasonable price. Those unwanted sounds... gone!
  7. Went for servicing and was told by pro subaru workshop that the air filter is somewhat oily kind not asking to change but non-oily filter would be good.
  8. Hi, anyone had it replaced? May i know what the price for the parts and replacement?
  9. But I prefer mee rebus bro with egg and beef. perrgh... haha So what you reckon bro?
  10. I do know Repsol MotorGP team, but EO not a popular brand for passenger car unless for bike. Have anyone tried EO, seems like the too like any other oil major like Total, Shell, etc... Is it good? as I've seen it selling for 5L at a reasonable price for fully synthetic EO.
  11. Thinking to replace stock air filter to performance ones. Which one is better and recommended? Some says to avoid oiled filter on scooby engine.
  12. Yep, just servicing. Hope that will be the probable caused, sure, will go to pro subaru workshop to have a better look. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Hi All, I'm new with Impreza 1.5r. Apparently, I cant seems to see any oil leak from the surface, but when I open the hood seems like there's some sort like a burning smell on the driver side area. Reading from other forum, some say due to gasket wear and tear. Have you encounter this before and what is the cost to restore? Thanks.
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