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  1. TD04HLA will be more suitable for this hippo.
  2. WhatsApp me at 90406242
  3. Got this turbo from another member bro here. Have not installed yet as looking for a more suitable turbo. No broken fins or shaft play. Taken out from BL9 Legacy. Cash and carry $400.
  4. Bro, go to pro-Subaru workshops like BKS/BMS/SPT/Dynotechnica for a check better.
  5. Can I check whether the STI intercooler is a direct bolt on to our YA5? Any bros letting go their HKS exos? Any BOV recommended? Or really not necessary? All in all as I am looking at upgrading the turbo to vf46.
  6. Pls PM selling price. Comes with actuator? How is the condition?
  7. Just wondering how many exiga owners are still with their rides?
  8. Hello all, Coming from the vtec temple to the boxer shrine! Rare breed for the YA05 but nevertheless, hoping to meet the few of the remaining Exiga GTs on the road Likewise, anyone dekitting or scrapping with poison goodies, please feel free to share !!