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  1. Anyway, I got the issue fixed by going to taxibaby.sg for those who are interested to know how to fix the prob too. Now we have a JOIE car seat in the middle and a Combo one on the side. Both are rear facing and not isofix kind.
  2. I don't know why the carpark carrier came down and didn't detect my car when I was going into my condo. Usually, it won't even come down when I follow closely behind the car in front and it did and I stopped and then it knocked my bonnet. Now has 2 small dent caused by metal and scratch somemore. Heart pain coz new car. Where can I get these fixed without forking out too much? This is a SUBARU Forester. It's such a small damaged, like 2 dots but have to fix coz scratched. Can someone advise? Boohoo... Took car from hubby for 1 day and kena this. Am I sway or what? Or rather, is he sway or what...
  3. Any place to recommend to go to do it? And roughly how much would I be able to get it for?
  4. I was adviced to top up for the anti rust under carriage coating at $290 before GST coz service centre said the new model doesn't come with it, unlike previous model. Said can prevent rust for 1 more year if so. 1 yr only? Any experience from other Forester owners? Also, i was told there is nothing they can do about the reversing camera alignement that isn't straight and accurate. If i follow the corner lines indicated my reverse camera, my car will be parked very slanted. It even shows at bottom of camera (car boot) is slanted meaning camera is not aligned straight. But Subara said it is a common problem and there is nothing they can do about it. Why like that?
  5. With our current Legacy, we can tighten it easily coz seatbelt has ALR. But with the Forester, the seatbelts all come in ELR mode and is loose. Even when we use the locking clip that comes with the baby car seat, it only tightens the horizontal part of the seatbelt that goes across the lap area (for adults). The portion that comes from the top and across the shoulder, which now would go across the back of the baby car seat in rear facing direction is loose. It will not lock when we pull unless with a sudden jerking action. So, on normal ride, it's a little loose and can move about but we saw online that people say it's ok to move about 1 inch or so. But feels unstable to us. Also, if we choose to change to isofix, we can't fix it in the middle as there's no isofix catch in the centre rear seat, can only change 1 car seat to isofix at the side. Anyone know whether we can convert the car seatbelt to ALR here in SG by Motor Image?
  6. It's rear facing. I think the car doesn't come with ALR for seat belts. Sianz... Hubby and I are intending to install 1 more seat for my new baby arriving this July. That's why we got this bigger car. And so far, we have only seen the seat belt type. Besides using Isofix baby car seats, can we buy an additional locking clip like this: http://www.carseatsite.com/lockingclips.htm ? Or convert our seat belts to ALR at the mechanic? Anyone have same experience with us? If bo bian, we got to use isofix lo. 2 new isofix seats somemore...
  7. I just my Forester today and tried to install my baby car seat. The thing is the seat belt is not tight kind and my baby car seat can has leeway to move about. How can I tighten it? Am I doing something wrong here?
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