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  1. Cause I notice a few exiga gt owners only by changing the muffler and the boxer note is obvious. I could be wrong. Maybe any expert can advise?
  2. I thought exiga gt stock extractor is UEL?
  3. Anyone letting go HKS Exhaust for Subaru Exiga GT? Please pm me at 96894474. Thanks.
  4. Contact me if have anyone letting go Subaru Exiga GT HKS exhaust. HP96894474. Tks
  5. Ok ok.. haha
  6. I thought HKS is the only legal exhaust for exiga. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Ichiban, how much you looking at? With cert?
  8. Wyven, noted with thanks
  9. If would to consider LTA unfriendly, minimally what I must do.
  10. or should i say sound better than stock. at least can hear the rumble...
  11. Bro, what are the option to make our boxer note more obvious? LTA friendly exos possible?
  12. Unless the model is meant for your ride.
  13. There are many. Depend on your needs and budget.
  14. For better handling and looks, go for coilover but compromise on comfort
  15. Recently I've this gearbox issue whereby gear shift from 2-3 gear. The jerk is quite bad. And it only happens once in the morning. Sigh .. just hope nothat a big issue. Will be going to flush it n chg atf oi. Keeping my finger cross. .