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  1. Interesting! I don't recall anything like that coming with my car, or with the other Legacys and Outbacks in the club. Not that it matters anymore now that I've gotten rid of it, but still... I wonder why the rest of us didn't get it. MI ah...
  2. Cool, thanks for the info! How did you find out? I find the Infratint film I replaced it with noticeably better.
  3. PPS won't actually prevent chips, and is really only for ease of washing, regardless of what the sales pitch is.
  4. I'm sorry your wife had such a fright, and I hope you get the matter sorted out to your satisfaction. I've asked around and neither I, nor any other current-gen Legacy or Outback owners, have experienced anything similar. Before your wife moved off, was the gear shifter in P or N at any point? What did she do after the car swerved? In other words, how did she regain normal steering control? Do you know if MI looked at any physical components, eg, alignment, front anti-roll bar, front tie rods, etc? What do you plan to do?
  5. Well, MI isn't big on solving problems, especially for customers who are still claiming free servicing. Also, frankly, your issues don't sound like problems that MI can solve since they are consequences of the stock ECU rom (throttle and fuel curves, etc, such has a flat spot at the 2k-3k rpm range you're complaining about), as well as the nature of Subaru's CVT (at least in conjunction with the stock rom). You get engine braking in S Mode. There's no way around it and will cause jerking if you treat it like a regular AT and lift off the throttle, then get on it again. And stock I Mode is a huge power cut from stock S Mode. If it bugs you enough, I recommend an ECU tune after you've run the car in properly, because that's the only thing that can alter the car's fundamental driving characteristics.
  6. Congrats on your new ride! Glad you're mostly happy with it. 1. Although the stock ECU throttle map has many flat spots, the initial bite is relatively sensitive, especially in S Mode, so you might need to train your right foot to be gentler. Also, S Mode tries to maintain cruising revs at 2k rpm so of course when you get back on the throttle, you're already at 2k so there's a bit of a jerk. 2. Subaru's Lineartronic CVT is indeed an automatic gearbox. And even though it's not a conventional AT, it still does use a locking torque converter the slips before it locks. CVTs tend to slip more than most auto transmissions so when the torque converter does lock, there'll be a jerk as power is finally more directly transferred to the wheels. CVT slip can be reduced with an ECU tune.
  7. Think of Ezbuy as a version of Vpost/comGateway/Borderlinx for Asian shopping sites. Lots of cheap stuff for sure, but got to evaluate by going to Taobao, etc, and checking out individual sellers' track record and feedback before committing. Just cuz it's featured on Ezbuy doesn't mean QC can make it. One cent money, one cent goods, as they say. I've found that for car stuff, it's often worth it to go for the slightly more expensive items, and to buy from reputable sellers even if their prices are slightly higher, especially for items like strut bars and spoilers. I don't know how many cheap items I've simply thrown away.
  8. Think about what? Ezbuy? I treat it simply as a freight forwarder for other ecommerce platforms like Taobao. So it's not a vendor in and of itself. But I've had very good experiences using Ezbuy so far.
  9. Mostly Taobao (TB), hahah. Or Ezbuy for items that are too bulky to be shipped directly through TB. Only when I can't find what I want on TB will l head to, Subispeed and ebay.
  10. I'm no expert on solar film, but I replaced the stock Autotint film with Infratint's top film and am very happy with the significant improvement. Infratint's one of the more expensive options, of course, and there are many other alternatives. I almost went with 3M for about the same price, but their top Crystalline film has no tinting and I prefer a darker tint. I was also sorely tempted by the pricing of Zen, whose top tint is almost half the price of Infratint's top tint. But based on reviews from bros, I decided to pay more for - hopefully - the very best quality, and some assurance of customer service, which I'm always willing to pay extra for; ymmv. I have no affiliation with Infratint. Other bros in our WhatsApp group have had good experiences with everything from Zen to Groomer's Lab.
  11. You're welcome. When you do get your OB, share your experiences and photos with us in our SOLS Facebook Group ( and/or WhatsApp group chat. Like I said, the aircon's fine but the free solar Autotint solar film from MI is mediocre so if you park under the sun a lot, you might want to consider upgrading your solar film or getting magnetic laser shades.
  12. The current Outback and Legacy share the exact same aircon system, and it's perfectly adequate. Hot air? Never experienced it. I wouldn't worry. Congrats in advance! Enjoy your ride to the max when you get it.
  13. Welcome, glad you're enjoying your ride. What colour? Please join us in our Subaru Outback & Legacy Singapore (SOLS) Facebook group dedicated to current-gen Legacy (BN9) and Outback (BS9) owners: And I've already PM-ed you an invitation to our SOLS WhatsApp group. Here's a pic of our last casual gathering:
  14. There's an Outback model with auto start/stop???
  15. You guys not making spoilers for other Subies? Because WRX and STI don't need help to look fierce. But the rest of us family guys with family-car Subies... need some help, and are willing to pay for it.