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  1. Its not normal. Maybe because you didnt tune after decatting. Where do you feel the vibrations ? Rattling items or steering wheel ?
  2. Haha, no i driving WRX. But i thought can help answer general Qs or ask one of my hippo friends.
  3. couldnt find one in English lol. What info do you require ? I havent gone thru my subaru manual before haha.
  4. Whats the benefit of changing to the new Forester ? Since you got money just go audio shop and let them recommend when you get it ba.
  5. go buy a new android headunit ? about $500-$800.
  6. What is your definition of short term ? As these choices are AWD, the pickup and fuel economy sucks. If there are no major mods, its a reliable vehicle. Remember to get your mechanic to check the Timing belt. If insurance is not too expensive and you prefer pickup, i rather you buy a WRX/STi that is minimally modified as the fuel consumption may be 1-2KM/L difference only. I have a WRX that is getting in 8-9KM/L.
  7. Yes but mine is tune and forget. Because I don't keep modding parts. Edgeworks first tune iirc 400. Retuning is cheaper at 150. If you want you can try yourself. Just need a cable and laptop haha
  8. I think stock enough for street. No need to keep visiting Workshop as car will be more or less reliable. I am using open source tuning. The Accessport i think is useful if you want to keep changing tuning maps. But locally i dont really see people using it.
  9. Road tax is a small issue compared to the new car taxes. Mine is also an 08 WRX that changed intake/exhaust/tune. No other stuff like turbos/internals, for the sake of reliability. With the stock power, already too much power for the street.
  10. Yeah. Renewing my hatchback as the depreciation will be half of a new one
  11. I think the community quite small nowadays. Somemore the VES punishing 20k tax.
  12. unfair


    I think this forum is mainly for Singapore, so might be almost impossible. Suggest you find a group from your country.
  13. Erm. I think that's the only gasket there is. Just a matter how bad it is already. https://carfromjapan.com/article/industry-knowledge/the-history-of-subaru-head-gasket-problem/ I did my white WRX at Gek Lim automobile located at Defu lane. Otherwise the regular Subaru Workshops BMS BKS.
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