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  1. This forum is more for Singapore users. So we cant really advice you on pricing in the USA.
  2. What part was "fixed" fuel consumption may be normal but not so much that the light comes on between service intervals.
  3. Yes but mine is tune and forget. Because I don't keep modding parts. Edgeworks first tune iirc 400. Retuning is cheaper at 150. If you want you can try yourself. Just need a cable and laptop haha
  4. I think stock enough for street. No need to keep visiting Workshop as car will be more or less reliable. I am using open source tuning. The Accessport i think is useful if you want to keep changing tuning maps. But locally i dont really see people using it.
  5. Road tax is a small issue compared to the new car taxes. Mine is also an 08 WRX that changed intake/exhaust/tune. No other stuff like turbos/internals, for the sake of reliability. With the stock power, already too much power for the street.
  6. Yeah. Renewing my hatchback as the depreciation will be half of a new one
  7. I think the community quite small nowadays. Somemore the VES punishing 20k tax.
  8. why didnt you just ask the workshop to diagnose ?
  9. I think this forum is mainly for Singapore, so might be almost impossible. Suggest you find a group from your country.
  10. Erm. I think that's the only gasket there is. Just a matter how bad it is already. https://carfromjapan.com/article/industry-knowledge/the-history-of-subaru-head-gasket-problem/ I did my white WRX at Gek Lim automobile located at Defu lane. Otherwise the regular Subaru Workshops BMS BKS.
  11. Head gasket? Engine overheating and coolant bubbling are the signs I had. I did overhaul when mine gave way. Almost 3k.
  12. Looking for good condition STi that may be destined for scrap.
  13. Anyone have feedback on short shifters? thinking of getting a kartboy short shifter
  14. If you are aggressive in corners, wouldn't a set of coil overs make more sense ? 3M car wrap doesnt really last. My friends all tear away in less then 2 years. A good same color respray should cost around 1.5k on the exterior parts. Headlights - change to one with fluorescent DRL and coat with anti-UV spray - $600 DRL very easy to get caught right ? Michelin PS4S 225/45/17 i just checked costs $275 b4 GST.... but i think PS4 should be good enough.