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  1. This forum is more for Singapore users. So we cant really advice you on pricing in the USA.
  2. What part was "fixed" fuel consumption may be normal but not so much that the light comes on between service intervals.
  3. Yes but mine is tune and forget. Because I don't keep modding parts. Edgeworks first tune iirc 400. Retuning is cheaper at 150. If you want you can try yourself. Just need a cable and laptop haha
  4. I think stock enough for street. No need to keep visiting Workshop as car will be more or less reliable. I am using open source tuning. The Accessport i think is useful if you want to keep changing tuning maps. But locally i dont really see people using it.
  5. Road tax is a small issue compared to the new car taxes. Mine is also an 08 WRX that changed intake/exhaust/tune. No other stuff like turbos/internals, for the sake of reliability. With the stock power, already too much power for the street.
  6. Yeah. Renewing my hatchback as the depreciation will be half of a new one
  7. I think the community quite small nowadays. Somemore the VES punishing 20k tax.
  8. why didnt you just ask the workshop to diagnose ?
  9. I think this forum is mainly for Singapore, so might be almost impossible. Suggest you find a group from your country.
  10. Erm. I think that's the only gasket there is. Just a matter how bad it is already. https://carfromjapan.com/article/industry-knowledge/the-history-of-subaru-head-gasket-problem/ I did my white WRX at Gek Lim automobile located at Defu lane. Otherwise the regular Subaru Workshops BMS BKS.
  11. Head gasket? Engine overheating and coolant bubbling are the signs I had. I did overhaul when mine gave way. Almost 3k.
  12. Looking for good condition STi that may be destined for scrap.
  13. Anyone have feedback on short shifters? thinking of getting a kartboy short shifter
  14. If you are aggressive in corners, wouldn't a set of coil overs make more sense ? 3M car wrap doesnt really last. My friends all tear away in less then 2 years. A good same color respray should cost around 1.5k on the exterior parts. Headlights - change to one with fluorescent DRL and coat with anti-UV spray - $600 DRL very easy to get caught right ? Michelin PS4S 225/45/17 i just checked costs $275 b4 GST.... but i think PS4 should be good enough.
  15. I find it weird that i have never changed engine mounting before after 9yrs I think i changed much less then you. Clutch assembly (1 times)Front brake disc(x2)Front wheel bearings(x2)RadiatorSteering pump (change seals)Air-con compressor ClutchAir-con compressor assemblyFront lower suspension arm bushing(x1)Gear-shift linkage (x1) (is this the shifter mounting, cause thats all i changed ?)Spark plug set (2 times) Coilover absorbers (1x) I think i better go review the servicing schedules.
  16. I am also waiting to renew COE. Bad thing is body / unique parts need to order in as our model no longer popular. Have you all changed engine/gear mounting before ?
  17. 1. Bigger rotor is always better. Less force needed to stop. Heat dissipation but that applies really if on track. 2. More pots does not mean more stopping power. If the total piston clamp area is the same, its still the same pressure but applied over 1/2/4/6 pistons. 100-0 you will not notice any difference, again more pistons is for pad wear and modulation when on track.
  18. Engine needs to warm up so that it gets to its desired temp asap. Running cold causes engine oil to not be able to perform correctly Running rich wastes fuel Extra fuel causes more carbon buildup --> Cat converter gets stressed No thermostat will allow head gasket failure to go undetected for long time, maybe you get a good excuse to change out to new pistons in future. The peace of mind is already provided by the temp sensor. Once it starts climbing you know something is wrong.
  19. Replace the thermostat, dont delete it. Without thermostat, the car has a hard time getting up to optimal temp and the engine oil cannot perform properly during that time.
  20. 1. Since you seen the fans running, then shouldnt be that problem. 2. Coolant level not changing means you dont have leak/head gasket failure. Leave your car idling and see the coolant reservoir from cold--> operating temp. If the coolant level doesnt move, it could be thermostat/pump not functioning to circulate the coolant.
  21. sorry. i dont have 4 rims to swop lol
  22. Hi, are you scrapping your car ? Please let me know how much are the rims. i just destroyed one of my rims. Shaun @ 98515018
  23. Some may like on the fly adjustment. I think if you go tuning for smaller cars like R2 the gains may not be impressive enough (~$500), retune for throttle response also not cheap (~150).
  24. The scoop will serve no purpose other then looks for you. Are you sure you want to live with people looking at you weirdly or trying to race you ? Whats under the position of the scoop in your engine bay ? For STi there is the intercooler there. Water will accelerate rubber wear but other then that should be okay.