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  1. Hi Bros , anyone know wat size rotor to use if I want to install wrx red 4/2 pot caliper on my s-gt ? Front 294 mm rear 286 mm ? front direct fit and rear need special bracket ? Anyone know ?
  2. Item 13&14 prices , pls watapps 84681384
  3. Please contact me at 84681384
  4. Please post the item u selling if u scraping ur car bro
  5. Anyone here know the price of tyre rs bov , or anyone selling the bov can please let me know by leaving a pm .... thks lest ur number for me to contact if anyone out there is selling ..... thks
  6. Hi bros , Like to ask tat anyone selling exhaust ( legal or unpeg so all can ) tat can fit on s-gt and also any shop to intro for tuning ? Please leave a messages or watapps me at 84681384 . Thanks a lot
  7. Hi bros , like to ask anyone selling or know where to buy sti front grill for s-gt as per photo & front strut too pls wat apps me at 84681384 if have , thks