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  1. I got a rear anti roll bar for sh9 forester. Should be same as your rear arb. Contact me at 96773605 if you are keen. Thanks
  2. Bro, one of those rubber plug type chair feet would do the trick too.
  3. For sale 1)SH9 stock front and rear anti-roll bars $80 for both 2) Authentic HKS SSQV 4 with 19mm recirculating fitting, sequential purple fin and original silver fin. Comes with ATP flange for plastic manifold type bpv. $320 for the set 3) Low Mileage very good condition hawkeye stock td04 $450 4) Recently reconditioned SG9 aircon compressor $180 Whatsapp me at 9 6 7 7 3 6 0 5 to deal. Can only deal on weekends.
  4. Extremely low mileage td04l from hawkeye added. Almost like new.
  5. Add new item Air-con compressor taken from SG9 ($200) Recently recon.
  6. Injectors sold Have 2 front and 2 rear anti-roll bars for sh9 currently.
  7. Looking for good condition td04. Not interested in td04 with excessive shaft play or chipped fins. Wrx "open ended" style. Contact me at 9 six 7 7 three 6 0 five.
  8. Forgot to add one more item 9) EJ255 NEW original subaru headgasket
  9. 1) 850cc DeatschWerks Side Feed injectors with BL5 Fuel Rails ($400) 2) Unused HB4 30W LED Kit. Can emit pure white light (left shown) or change to 8000k with colour changing tube (right shown). ($90) 3) Gold anodised/ Chrome plated Front Strut bar for Forester SH9 with matching anodised gold STI oil cap ($200) 4) NEO Chrome/ Rainbow STI Oil Cap with O-ring seal ($25) 5) BL9 Stock Rear Sway Bar ($ a cup of coffee a.k.a FREE) 6) BNIB STI Gearknob for Autotrans ($25) 7) 2 Piece Rotor bell only 5x100/114.3 ($300) Specs: 170mm handbrake ring Rotor bolt PCD 8.5x12 Same thing you will get from BKS 4 pot rear brake kit 8) Forester SH9 stock arb front and rear ($140) Prices are negotiable but lowballers will ignored. MWTS if reasonable offers are made: VF52 Bolt on EWG with header elbow 3 inch downpipe with sideplant for Forester SH9 Whatsapp me at from more info or to deal.
  10. Looking for an ej255/257 asap for engine swap. Contact me at 96773605 please?
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