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  1. congrats! why did you choose the XT over levorg?
  2. i've owned the car for only a month and quite happy with the handling of this 1.6ton car. as for power upgrades, i only planned to do the standard intake, catback and tune as i don't want to face reliability problem with the cvt. Really feel that the power from stand still comes quite slow especially when car is filled with people. Really hope workshops starts bringing in aftermarket parts for the levorg. What do you plan to do to your levorg? Also, are you going back to MI for servicing after 10k? i am still wondering if i should just to keep my warranty before i touch the engine
  3. Im interested in knowing how much power the CVT and 1.6DIT can handle safely. From what i know, as of now there is a garage(forgets name) that is offering stage 1 tune for the levorg. But have not seen anyone going for it yet. As of now, i am waiting for legal catback system. Its taking too long..
  4. ahh.. so it is possible to save a pro-tune on a unichip and just unplug it when going back to MI for servicing and we can avoid voiding warranty? If its that case then unichip can take my money now! hahaha
  5. Why need to tune unichip? i thought its a off the shelve piggyback that is just plug and play and can DIY? Advantage of RSchip/Unichip is can easily remove and go back to MI for servicing without voiding warranty compared to pro-tune by a tuner right? Sorry im still a newbie just trying to learn more about ECU tweaking.
  6. I can feel the heat on my arms and legs driving under hot sun with the free autotint by MI. Anybody can confirm the film on windscreen and front side windows are how many %? planning to go 50% on these 3 windows and keep the 35% at the rear. Would 50% infront 35% rear attract fines easily?
  7. I've been driving the levorg for 800+km and im on my second tank. First tank of petrol i got 10l/100km but now its getting better like 9l/100km i hope it gets better after oil change at 1k. Although on paper it says peak torque comes on at 1.8k rpm, u can only feel a real push from 2.5k onwards. Intelligent mode makes the car feels sluggish when carrying 3 passengers. i usually drive in S mode in city when i have passengers as power will come on earlier.
  8. You plan to continue your servicing with MI after the 10k? my free servicing also until 10k only.
  9. Hi bros, i will be collecting my levorg at the end of this week. I have a few questions hoping seniors here can answer 1) After the 1k, 5k, 10k servicing, is it advisable to go back to MI for servicing?(heard they charge high price for normal servicing) if i go to other workshop for servicing would it void my warranty? 2) Will changing exhaust void whole car warranty or only exhaust warranty?
  10. Hi guys finally this forum has a section for the levorg. Anybody wanna share the power upgrades you have planned for your levorg?
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