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  1. Let me share after my 1st servicing at Toa Payoh service centre, after I reached home, I happen to look under the car. Guess what? The plastic engine cover is left dangling at the verge of dropping off. I have to bring it back the following to week to get it fixed with no explanation on what happen by the SA when I asked. It's only my first servicing...yes I have written in and a lady apologised for the service lapsed.
  2. My GPS speed alert is not turn on. The single beep sound comes on even when slow moving. I have written in to MI and they have replied. Only now they have acknowledged in writing that it's a periodic beep sound from GPS and it's an inbuilt feature which initially they said only me having the problem. They claimed they have switch it off for me but the directional instructions are off too cos they mute the volume. Can't they be more clever than that. I have replied last night that the sound is still there and asking since it's a feature, tell me what's the feature for. Initially the SA said they change a new unit for my GPS but now the manager in charge of customer service said it was not change since no defect but they change the head unit which SA did not tell me but only when I question them on why my preset stations are all gone then they said they change the head unit. I am appalled by the way they handle customers and their replies. Now awaiting their reply again.
  3. The SA said I am the only owner who has this problem. They said they have never heard of this problem. Then I told them that at the recent forester workshop I attended, there was another gentleman who told me he also heard this random beep sound. I am just a owner who wants to know what is this beep sound about and where it's coming from.
  4. Great to have fellow Forester owners coming forth with the same issue. No they didn't say, getting quite annoyed. I asked for them to get the GPS ppl to come and check. When I am there I asked to talked to them, the SA say no need and later told me they have change the GPS. I don't think they have changed anything. Later I found out they tried reformat the HU cos my radio stations which I set is no longer there. I realised they also switch off my integrated GPS volume hoping it won't make any beep sound. They sent me off and ask me to monitor again. Tuesday I went to the service centre at Toa Payoh and today I heard the beep sound again. Feeling frustrated with their service. The SA keep asking me to tell them when the beep sound comes on and I repeated many times that it's random. He said if I cant tell them specific moment, how can they help me. I am going to call them tomorrow again.
  5. Hi Paul, I believed you have the integrated GPS system in your ride. Just wondering did you hear any single beep sound even though u are not using the GPS or did not even turn on the infotainment system? It comes on once in awhile at random times, I have brought back twice. Initially Mechanic says he don't know, second time at first servicing, they said its from the Integrated GPS so told me no problem.
  6. Hi all new forester owners, I have been encountering a single beep tone at random times while driving. I have brought down to check after the first week that I collected the car but they can't advise me at all but today at my first servicing MI pinpoint that the beep sound comes from the integrated GPS system, thus I would like to check with all forumners here do they encounter the beep sound so as to confirm what MI said its true. Thanks
  7. Hi anyone driving 2016 Forester with integrated GPS. Today went for first servicing and brought up the subject of the beep sound. They said its from the integrated GPS system. Does anyone hear the same beep sound that will come on at random times?
  8. Thanks for the info. However my beep sound do not have any accompanying display on the MFD. my wipers are also not on auto mode. Thus my beep sound does not point to those you describe above. Trying every time to pin point the occurrences but to no avail.
  9. This is so much enlightening. Thank you Safety First for such info. Pardon me for my ignorance, why is there such a beep sound at every hour and why the Mechanic at Subaru did not point this out. What sort of display are you referring to. When the beep sound occur, I can't seem to see any changes on the MFD. My rear wiper is usually switch off. No matter, this info from you seem to be pointing somewhere...
  10. Hi David, can you add me to SFSG FB page. My email is [email protected]

  11. Can you add me to the forester FB page?
  12. Brought it to Toa Payoh service centre. The single tone beep sound came on when the Mechanic and me went for the test drive but because he was talking to me, he said he didn't hear. Sadly it didn't come on for the rest of the drive. He kept asking to be specific in my description till I was alittle frustrated as how specific could I be when it's just a single tone beep. Clearly there was no solution except saying to monitor. I was thinking since the sound come on at random time, is there no way they can assist if it does come on during future test drives even though I bring it down again.
  13. Mian


    I chanced upon this from a forester driver and was told about these shades. It's a patented shades and it does the job as any others I believed. You can message the number for the cost depending on with rear or without.
  14. Mian


    Hi, I just got mine at Hock Cheong Automec at 17 Kim Chuan Terrace yesterday. I went through a reseller at 96952338 to place order for my forester. I bought 6pcs without rear windscreen.
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