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  1. hi,

    can you PM me as to the location to view the gearbox? mobile is 9632-9585. thanks . I like to view it this afternoon.. thanks

  2. Hi can we chat? i like to come over with my mechanic to look at it on monday afternoon. my mobile (96329585)
  3. is your gearbox 6 speed? with or without DCCD?
  4. Kenny is awesome.. will tell him to do alignment for specific competition and he will adjust accordingly.. but recommended to call ahead to book.
  5. the owner is Keong. He used to work for MI.. from day 1 to now, i used him for all my repairs (over 12 years already). If it doesn't require a new part, he will use a 2nd hand part to cut cost but not performance. recently went to him to replace ABS pump.. New is $3,000 .. got a 2nd hand unit for $250. works fine.
  6. Possibly the very last event by Autotest.. so its going to be very heated race among the drivers.. preparations starts ..
  7. Motor Image is the wrong company to promote Subaru..
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