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  1. Also my steering pumps are still new. About a year or slightly less.
  2. Check out my item! Subaru legacy rims brakes exhaust steering pump bilstein! https://sg.carousell.com/p/195939162
  3. Also, i have bilstein b6 mounted on. Used for 2 yrs only. If you are interested we could swap with your stock dampers.
  4. Hey all, i'm about to trade in my car next week. Urgent sale made on an impromptu decision. I have some parts id like to let go or rather do a swap... 1) Prodrive gc-010e 225 45 r17 with ps4 tyres. Condition 8/10. Minor kerb rash Tyres 70% only 1 year of usage. 2) Brembo Rear Kit 2pot set 3) Kakimoto Regu 06&R Slight dent on left exhaust tip but perfect working condition. Urgent sales. I'm open to reasonable nego n would like to trade it with stock parts. Do contact me at 94872090. Thanks!
  5. Some of yall have been asking about the price. Im letting this go at 350! Again this is for legacy
  6. It'll fit legacy model btw. Sorry for omitting this piece of info!
  7. Hey, Not sure if you have already gotten your suspension kit. As subapower said, you can actually go with D2! I was on D2 myself, courtesy of subapower! haha, but i felt that my needs were really addressed with shock absorbers. I'm on bilstein b6 with stock springs for my bp9. you can try b8 with lowered springs. B6 is comfortable enough but your ride maybe a little too high for your liking? im fine by it especially with the comfort it has to offer. b8 would give you a firmer ride with lowered height. If you still have your stock top mounts and springs , you could find yourself with a brand new b6 at a very reasonable price (definitely lesser than 2k all in). However if you dont have your stock set with you, thats where it gets tricky, as mentioned by John. Try to see if you can get it on the forum for a good deal. Bought stock bp9 suspension from the forum for a very good price. I did mine at speedhaus at paya ubi. enquired around and they have the best price (all in) plus very good and friendly team. The customer service and friendship won me over. You could try:)
  8. Hey all, I have a set of D2 coilovers to let go. Still way within its operational shell life but the arrival of my child has me switching back to shock absorbers again. No leaks too. PM me if you are interested! You can reach me at 9487TwoZeroNineZero! Cheers!
  9. Hey! How much are you selling your stock suspension for?
  10. no doubt the fuel for city driving is hell... but since i commute from pasir ris to tuas its not too bad! well, amidst the potential problem it comes with, hopefully i wont have to encounter it till scrap... that is if i try to at least do my due diligence haha.
  11. Hahaha oh man. Burning yet another thousands is something painful after having already spent thousands... especially when car balance 2 3 years Any workshops aside from bks n bms? Or anyone does basic servicing up north?:) what engine oil do you oil use
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