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  1. Haha when dun mind can add me inside
  2. Ok any groups can add me inside
  3. Ok any groups can add me inside
  4. Ya how ah only u reply me I message u privately u got number ?
  5. Still renew to renew Subaru very reliable one most of my Frends renew coe
  6. Ok bro so u r driving a TS? Your milleage high ?
  7. Hi guys any meet up recently ? Look like very quiet hope that Subaru group will have a meet up soon i can organise.. prefer location : Yishun Dam
  8. Hi bro did replaced any parts too? How much did u replaced for the motor? New or old one thanks
  9. Hi guys I am new here may I know any bros replaced starter motor before? Mine sometimes a bit hard to start after checking with workshop battery and plug all ok?. Any idea linking to distributor cap issued ?
  10. Maybe air filter dirty just check