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  1. Hi guys, Just to check is there any recommendation of tyre for OB? I find the stock tyre of Bridgestone dueler Hp sport have poor wet traction.. Need advice for comfort ride, less road noise and reasonable traction for wet and dry road. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, just to check with all outback owners. What brand and type of tyre you guys changed after the stock Bridgestone dueler Hp sport? Any recommendation for comfort ride, less noise for road feedback and reasonable wet traction?
  3. Guys, got heard of Dianano? I seen alot FB post on this product which will increase your FC by 80-120km. I doubt it is beneficial to the engine and combustion chamber. Any idea how this works or using what addictive to the fuel?
  4. Yeah sure thing.. So new give me this problem super sianz.. I make sure they give me a reason for it.. So far other then this no problem on the latest outback.. Still loving my ride!! Hahaha..
  5. Thanks for the information you given, i give it a try by controlling my right foot to see any difference on the jerking motion. Btw, I recently have this problem on my new car, when i start my engine it shows the SRVD disabled. I had nv manually off the blind spot indicator by pressing the button but it does not seem to on back whenever i tried to push the button to trigger the on/off mode. I have to restart my car, meaning on and off the vehicle before it goes back to normal. I have feedback to my SE and advise to go for check when my car reach 1k mark. Does you guys have such similar encounter?
  6. Hi, I am very new to subaru car. Recently just collected my outback, the ride is good and comfotable. Just to check with you guys, which grade of petroleum outback owner are using? RON 95 or RON 98? I find that sometime the CVT gear change have a bit of jerking effect, is this normal? Or is it due to the fuel grade as i just pumped Esso 5000. Thanks in advance!