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  1. Thanks for your feedback. You are certainly right about road condition and how the car is driven. I am a fairly sought of driver who doesn't go through humps without slowing down. But I hear what you say. Just that it is rather strange for me to know that other cars that I have bought and driven in past years do not even require the suspension to change so early. But thanks anyway for your thoughts. Appreciate it.
  2. Hi, This is my first time ever owning a Subaru car. I drive the Forester 2014 model. The car is just over two years and my mileage just past 40K. Was told by a mechanic whom I sought advice, that my suspension seems to be soft. He deems that my car's suspension may need to replace in one to one and half year's time. I am wondering how long would subaru foresters car suspension last? If anyone can provide me with some advice, I would appreciate it. My car is still under warranty by Motor Image.
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