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  1. Hi Bro @nuts23, You are right with the air in the coolant system. Due to tiny gap between the joint of the radiator hse, which causes coolant leakage. Possibly air has entered in whenever engine is not running. I have sent to BMS to resolve the overheating issue. Thank you so much for your advise! really appreciate them!!
  2. Hi bro unfair, Sorry for the late response, last week i was posted working onsite with limited data connection. I have just sent in to workshop BMS, they have already removed the thermostat on my previous visit. Hopefully the issue will not be worsen as you stated. As for my stated issue, they have run a high pressure test on radiator and diagnosed there is leakage on bottom & top radiator hose. I have gotten them replaced and monitoring them, so far temperature still at safe level.. Thank you so much for your points and advise mentioned here!
  3. Hi to all Bros & sis, Seeking for your advice on my coe renewed gd5. Currently having issue on the engine temperature heating up issue. Whenever car travelled like some distance from redhill to airport example back and forth, whenever car stop over the traffic light or caught in a slow moving jam the temperature raises. Suddenly The a/c don’t feel the cold but only fan blowing. But once the car start moving like within 100-200m onwards, temperature needle drop and everything is back to normal. What’s more confusing, both of the front fans are spinning. coolen mixed with water (30:70 ratio)topped constantly, in fact filled fully coolen tank. This happened after 1 replacement of passenger side fan (preowned) for the past 1 month. Now my questions are whether for to do as below? 1) is my fan replacement a failure as in the motor not working fan or 2) radiator issue such as radiator blockage piping 3) coolen quantities level such as to top full coolen instead Really appreciate for your advice and suggestion. Thank you in advance 🙏🏻 !
  4. Thanks bro Wyven for your advice!! I can forget this idea unless drive a rex.
  5. Hi to all, Wondering if there is any legal exhaust recommend for impreza 1.6 auto model 2007 that can produce box RUMBLE sound Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, just wondering if blow off valve can be installed in impreza auto non turbo model. I understand tat the bov requires car to hv a Turbo engine, Thinking aside of those electric bov if there is alternative choices
  7. Can hawkeye 07 WRX 2.0 bonnet with air scoop fit in & suitable for TS impreza 07 1.6A? My TS model currently is mounted air scoop with no opening to engine. Thinking to change to a wrx bonnet( same year model) air scoop with opening. Wondering if the air scoop open can do any gd to engine?
  8. Ya very weird. Brake towards the end like a 747 flew low past u.. Then I just found out from mechanic that the sound is from is the disc produced from caliber.. sighh hv to do replacement for the both rear....
  9. Hi all, Need some help and advise on below issue. Whenever car is slowing down from around 60km/hr to around 30km/hr then to almost 0km/hr without fail a low tone of *Woohoo* sound at the rear can be heard before car come to a complete stop. Is it a sign that the rear brake wear off already? Car left 1 yr, if need to change the brake pad any ordinary one to recommend? thanks in advance =)
  10. @Just Daniel Wow thanks! Yst left fan just went off, I just gotten a pair of preowned fans and radiator. Still sourcing for mechanic. Any recommendations? Price?
  11. @ Just Daniel, Roger! that CAI was installed by previous owner before it was handed over to me. If this car is sensitive of heat, will the radiator fan (not sure the correct name) plays a part too? Coz last heard from the mechanic the left side of the fan behind the front grille has a lower RPM than the right one.
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