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  1. How much the "legacy gt 2.5" bedge?
  2. Hello, syvecs s6 still available? Hows the condition?
  3. brembo is for 5x100 or 114.3? how many % of brakepad left?
  4. Anyone who still keep their old GC8 stuffs such as: - STI wing version 5 or 6 - Version 5 or 6 grille - After market downpipe - fuel tank - rear wiper motor please message me. thanks
  5. How is the condition? How many milage on it?
  6. Magazines still available?
  7. How much for rear brembo calipers, pads and rotor?
  8. Hello, im interested in: 7. Sti 12l intercooler tank with brackets to install at rear boot area 9.snow meth kit with controller 28.Prodrive engine oil cap 31.Sard fuel regulator 35.DW fuel injector 850cc 36.DW 300 fuel pump 44. 6 speed non dccd Can pm prices? Thanks
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