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  1. Thanks bros for advice. Was thinking of swopping in wrx red 4 pot calliper to test out the effectiveness over stock
  2. Found from discussion that wrx red 4pot is direct plug and play for Exiga GT. However, wrx rotor is smaller than stock exiga. Can anyone advise if i just change to wrx red calliper and retain existing rotor will improve the braking ?
  3. What brand for steering control?
  4. Sold
  5. Anyone selling ? Must be at least with 1yr and above COE left.
  6. Hmm.. pm me your offer.
  7. Need swop bro. Can ?
  8. I exporting.. pm me your offer. Labour on u
  9. 17" and on 235/45/17 tyres changed In Dec.
  10. Brembo sold
  11. Anyone interested ? 5x100, et should be 35. Able to clear brembo gold 4/2 pot and flush nicely. Currently on hawkeye wrx. Swop and topup required. Thanks.
  12. Mai lah bro.. i Ts Auto how to win ?
  13. Upz.. anyone ?