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  1. Need swop bro. Can ?
  2. I exporting.. pm me your offer. Labour on u
  3. 17" and on 235/45/17 tyres changed In Dec.
  4. Brembo sold
  5. Anyone interested ? 5x100, et should be 35. Able to clear brembo gold 4/2 pot and flush nicely. Currently on hawkeye wrx. Swop and topup required. Thanks.
  6. Mai lah bro.. i Ts Auto how to win ?
  7. Upz.. anyone ?
  8. Sold!
  9. Selling above with rotors, pads and swap required with stock wrx front and rear brakes. Labour on buyer and top-up $700 (neg).
  10. Previously on Subaru Impreza Hawkeye Atrex PCD 5x100. Usable but leaks on 3 of the coils. Good for dekit or repair. Cash and carry @ $150 (neg)
  11. Just went last week.. not diff to find
  12. Selling above (used) with necessary piping and hoses as per picture - $200 (neg).
  13. Can PM me price for HKS BOV and original part ?