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  1. Stock second and third row seats (Black/grey) rear bumper (blue if possible)
  2. Hi guys anyone of you have any parts lying around or scrapping car soon? gonna extend my coe for my blue elephant/whale! Appreciate all help i can be reached at 97708701
  3. Yup but I think it's not active so my Facebook request to join the page hasn't even been approved till now managed to scroll through the posts within the Facebook page though and that's when I managed to PM a few sellers
  4. Huh?!?! i just said above I managed to get a secondhand HKS exhaust already no replies on this forum so I went elsewhere to find and yes HKS is the only LTA legal exhaust for exiga
  5. Oh man I only saw the messages now I got a second hand HKS exhaust from the exiga Facebook group from a previous owner who sold his car more than a year ago and the exhaust was in storage the whole time car sounds better and acceleration is smoother
  6. Hi I have a 2009 exiga GT looking for a second hand louder exhaust
  7. Hi looking for a louder second hand exhaust for my exiga
  8. Hi looking for a louder second hand exhaust for my exiga
  9. ichiban

    2009 exiga

    Hi everyone driving a blue exiga GT
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