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  1. Interested in your brakes. What car is it on?
  2. Hi Bro. It is for 5 x 100
  3. Ok guys. Before anyone flame me. Maybe this is a noob question, maybe not. So the question is... How do you get backfire / exhaust pops? Saw this video on YouTube and he's got the exhaust pops See got any expert can share some info Cheers!
  4. Swee... Thanks a lot bro!
  5. The EDFC will have to go with the coils as a set
  6. Wanna buy your steering wheel air bag if available
  7. Looking for this specific part for the blow off valve to vent to atmosphere. Size should be 29-32mm, for Hatchback. PM me if you have the part for sale. Thanks
  8. Selling the above mentioned coilovers. Cusco zero 2e with electronic dampening force controller Adjustable camber plates No knock No leak No squeak Perfect condition Selling as car is scrapping For legacy and hatchback models. Currently on Sgt Swap required. Labour on buyer Price: $1500
  9. Bro. Are you scrapping your car? Intend to purchase certain items not on the list.
  10. Edit: Coils are for Hatchback. 1 pin for the rear knuckle, not hawkeye 2 pin
  11. Sold. Admin please close thread.
  12. Have a set of Api racing type rs coil over in good condition for sale. Front and rear Red springs 30 levels of dampening Pcd 5 x 100. Previously on hawkeye. Asking price $250 no need swap. Cash and carry.
  13. Edit: My mistake. Looking for side lip, not side skirt.
  14. May I know how to contact him?
  15. This car is already sold. Don't waste your time bros