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  1. Hi mirissicen I'm keen on the STI Gearknob, is it still available?
  2. Agreed, also include your budget for a set of rim. Happy hunting.
  3. i'm very sure when you test try the car there is no vibration.
  4. Have you check with your SE? I don't have this problem on my ride.
  5. My condolence to you Underage 91, and you family for the lost of your beloved father. If you need to use the car perhaps you should continue to paid the installment and to transfer the ownership to your name.
  6. You may also consider a quote from SGDrivers Tel: 61001933
  7. This is how law firm earn money. Sigh..
  8. Hi, for weekday is it also around Paya Lebar area? Care to PM on viewing location. Thank you.
  9. Creepysg

    2015 FXT

    Nice look forward to more modification to your car and share.
  10. Hi Playback, keen on your Cusco Struct bars. What is the best time to do viewing on weekday? Thank you.
  11. Well Done Moderators.. Look forward to a good turn out.
  12. Anyone know who is the the local distributor for STi products?
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