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  1. You're the man bro ..This spoiler give another choice to 2015+ WRX owner other than the STI style spoiler in the market ..
  2. Hi all , sorry for the long wait to update on the spoiler finally got it done .. it not easy to get a WRX owner that can let me carry out the R&D work for this spoiler .. A very big thanks to Bro TK
  3. Hi all , my name is Rick Chong from Scorpion Motorsport .. We are looking for one 2015/16 WRX owner that are interested in helping us on R&D work of our custom 3 pcs spoiler for the 2015/16 WRX .. similar to the custom spoiler we made for the Evo X.. If interested let me know your contact no. Pls drop me a private message
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