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  1. Totally disappointed with Subaru! Gotten my new Impreza last Tues. The bonnet of the car is full for scratches. There is some uneven paint on the side of the door. The sales representative tried to wax the bonnet but couldn't remove the scratches. I took almost 3 hours to collect my car because of this. I have feedback to Subaru about this and guess what, they came back to me say they will give me a full car polishing as COMPENSATION?! Polishing for my car is not a compensation. It is the most basis thing they should do for the scratches. My car is a Nee car, why do I even need a FULL car polishing? When I question them about uneven paint? They have no answer to this. Polishing cannot remove uneven original paint. Guess I have to stuck with this kind of aftersales service for the next 3-5 years
  2. Anyone know where to get accesories for the new Subaru Impreza? Eg. Sun Visor, Magnetic Sun shade... etc?
  3. Dunno yet. I still waiting for my COE though. Haha. But heard from agent that the car is still not on the road yet. Everyone whom bought the car still waiting for the Lta to pass the vehicle
  4. Just booked for one. It's still not on the road yet.
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