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  1. The gear was at "D" while she was at traffic light. After the car swerved, she kept pressing and unpressing the ebrake and the car returned to normal steering condition. We plan to write in to Subaru for our desired resolution. If Subaru does not respond, we will involve CASE and apply the "lemon" law. Thanks for asking around and do be careful while driving.
  2. 2 days ago, my wife has the fright of her life when our OB moved off diagonally from traffic light (car was stopped) into the middle lane (she was on the right lane). The steering wheel was off-center (about 1 o'clock) while waiting at the traffic light. When she wanted to move off, she felt the steering wheel was locked and she could not turn it. She applied gas the car swerved to the left instead of right (steering wheel was 1 o'clock). It was such a scary experience. Did other owners have similar experience? I sent the car in for a check. MI did a diagnostic test and no error code (expected). Then they feedbacked to Subaru Japan and was advised to do Pak file upload (update the TCM). However, MI was not able to explain what caused this steering problem and how the Pak file corrected the problem. We left MI as an unhappy and disappointed customer. My OB is only a mth old. Do I have a case to ask for a refund or replacement?
  3. Muser, i will seriously consider going for ECU tune if it can resolve most of the problems. Thanks!
  4. Muser, Thanks for the reply. Went to MI for my 1K servicing. Told them my above problems and they were not able to find anything wrong as what I expected. Was disappointed.
  5. Hi, Got my ride 2 wks ago and generally I am happy with it except I notice 2 minor problems. 1. Whenever I lift up my foot from gas pedal and then put my foot back, I feel there is a noticeable jerk. It happens all the time. Is this normal or there is some problems with the throttle? 2. When I rev up from stop, there is a jerk (like someone gives u a push from behind) when rpm is bet 2-3k rpm. I feedbacked to SE and he says it is the characteristic of OB CVT which drives like a AT. I have never experienced this is my previous Civic. Do you folks experience the same? So far the MI solar film is acceptable to me. Maybe the temperature has been cool so it did get go through some serious testing.
  6. Thanks a lot for the very informative post. I would definitely put these into consideration if I want to upgrade my solar film after I try out solar film from MI.
  7. I will be glad to share my experience with all of you. Btw, do you have any recommendations on solar film? I prefer a cool car. My current Civic cools down the cabin real fast.
  8. muster, It is such a relief to see your reply. Now I am looking forward to get my OB ASAP. Thanks and you have a nice weekend.
  9. Hi, i have booked an Outback last week. But then I heard from some forums that the aircon performance is not good i.e not cooling and sometimes blowing hot air. Now I am worried. Would OB owners pls give your comments on the aircon performance? Thanks!