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  1. " Using DBA slotted rotor and Akebono racing pads." OMG, the NOISE!!! I'm using this too... This is a Reverse Warning System. Anyone within 1 mile radius will know that you are reversing, and keep clear. Even the hearing- and visually- handicapped passersby can be alerted to your reversing. Your neighbour upstairs on the 22nd storey also know that you're reversing. Top notch safety feature.
  2. Hi guys, I have a 2007 Legacy 2.5 GT Wagon (BP9), and am looking for the following parts: 1) Right Side Mirror (w LED signal indicator) 2) Front bumper + lights assembly (must have working headlights washer and fog lamps) If you are looking to scrap and dekit, please whatsapp me at 8308 6624. Items can be swapped. Colour does not matter. Labour on me, quote your net price. I have renewed 10-yr COE on my car, so slowly fixing up some minor defects here and there...