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  1. Thanks Bros BlehBleh and Tarutaru for ur advice. I sent my car in to BMS for tuning and now it drives so much better. Of course EVC was set properly for me as well. Thanks all!
  2. Hi all, I just installed a HKS EVC-S Boost controller on my 2007 WRX 2.0 auto. Car is basically stock except for upgraded STi TMIC, Legamax exhaust and BoV. May I ask the bros here what kind of settings should I run my EVC-S at? What is the Offset % u guys set at, the Response % and the other parameters like overboost and warning? Please, I will appreciate any help given. Thanks all for taking the time to read this! K
  3. Hi all, Am selling some parts from my 2007 2.0 Auto WRX. 1. Stock Front Bucket Seats - $150 for the pair 2. Stock JDM 2.0 Auto WRX TMIC - $50 3. Stock JDM 2.0 Auto WRX Exhaust - $100 All prices are highly negotiable. Can't store them for too long lest CFO complains. Interested parties please SMS/WhatsApp me at 96927195. Have a good day!
  4. Hi all, My Hawkeye Auto Rex suspension seems to be worn out and I can't seem to find replacement anywhere. Any bros here who have delighted their cars or are going to dekit their cars, pls text me at 96927195 if u have a set of aftermarket coilovers for sale. Preferably low mileage as I hope to use this new set till I scrap the car in 2022. Should you have any other parts like aftermarket exhaust (LTA friendly) or meters and all to let go, pls feel free to text me as well. Thanks for your time! K
  5. Hi all, just joined the scoobie family with my 07 auto rex! K