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  1. Managed to duplicate my key at JB. Car mat has gotten from TB around 100 with shipping. Guys by the way I thought of sourcing the front and rear brake pads. Can anyone share the part number pls? TIA
  2. Yup. I managed to contact one vendor from Taobao and have already placed my order after specifying that it for right hand and manual transmission .
  3. After collecting the car, i went back to BKS for an inspection and luckily other than the lower arm links that need to be replaced, nothing major needs to be done 1. As i was given a one key by the dealer, i intend to duplicate another at Bukit Indah. was quoted RM380 which include the duplication of immobiliser and remote. i believe i cant find such a price in Spore. if any fellow drivers have good recommendations in spore, do share share with me 2. As for the floor mat which is more challenging, i have searched extensively in Taobao, aliexpress, carousell, ebay etc but either it is too expensive or the item is for left hand drive. so far the only place i have thought of getting the floor mat is from carousell, which a customised set of floor mat starts from $140. Well, other than the above platforms i have mentioned, the only place i have not checked is Motor Image. Anyone has bought floor mat from the AD? Regards
  4. Tks so much for the info. Tks so much for the info.
  5. Hi all Just bought an used impreza sedan (MT) registered in 2010 and new to this forum. Previous rides were Chevy Aveo, Lancer CS3 and WV polo (MK4). I have browsed thru the forum and came across terms like GH, GV, MY09 etc and pretty confusing. Can i check with fellow drivers there if my ride is registered in 2010, then it should be MY10? and what does MY stands for? As for the chassis variant, i did some googling and is mine GE? a picture tells a 1000 words so i have attached some pics not. Will be collecting this weekend Thank you