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  1. most likely is "ebay rad" just a decent alu rad like koyorad to save u future trouble
  2. alu rad just buy locally. timing belt not sure which 1 will fit ur ride
  3. which model are you driving? i got driveshaft for sales
  4. go to xiaoming Hi, just like to help my ex-mechanic from BMS, Xiao Ming(H/P: 012 465 1618). He had been servicing my car (GC8 and GDB) ever since. So experience wise is 2nd to none. He open a new workshop in JB. Address: TS MOTOR WORKSHOP SERVICE NO. 58, Jalan Setia Tropika, 81200 Johor Bahru. Open 9am to 6pm. Monday to Sunday. Location is very convenient. Just beside EDL highway thus can avoid all the jam. Message me if you need enquiry.
  5. nope. mounting and bushing is wear and tear item. but no harm asking them if they can do exceptional replacement for you
  6. check elite drive shaft at sin ming. i have a stock set of drive shaft for 2006 wrx. not sure if is same as outback. check with your workshop
  7. you are better off asking in nasioc. but if your current timing belt has 281 teeth then i can confirm is the same as EJ25 you can buy this kit from amazon https://www.amazon.com/Aisin-TKF-004-Engine-Timing-Water/dp/B00HFKEJN2
  8. what parts you are looking at?
  9. you can ask ST powered. they are the distributor for cobb here
  10. could be for another car other than subaru.
  11. accessport for available for USDM car. our EDM or JDM car cannot support it
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