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  1. takata declare bankrupt last yr. not sure how MI is going to replace the airbag
  2. still looking. happy cny
  3. still looking.
  4. call bms/bks and see if they have any services record. also call motorimage and see if you passanger airbag has been replaced
  5. i received letter last sept and made a appointment the following wk. took me like 3-4hrs. i went to the services center at tpy.
  6. yes its loud. u can take out the fin insert or use purple fin if u dont want to be loud
  7. take a picture? if you are using stock 1 is call recirculating valve. pretty much, no sound
  8. thanks for the contact. booked appoint for timing belt change next wk just to share, gates timing belt used to be good. but now they use cheap bearing and tensioner made in china. i bought another kit by aisin from amazon prime about sgd$350 shipped. all bearing and component made in japan except belt that was made in thailand by mitsuboshi (oem quality) use amazon prime singapore for free shipping.
  9. still looking.
  10. i was thinking about it but 2800 and jumped to 3300?
  11. what bov are u using now?
  12. hi all, sorry to bump up this thread. has his number change? i whatsapp him but got no reply... HP: +60 197406676
  13. will consider, pls pm me with more detail and price too.. thanks
  14. what ur turbo? can swap? pm me picture of ur steering wheel too
  15. still looking for it