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  1. pm me how much u looking at with swap. i have same design rim but black color
  2. still looking
  3. took about 3-4hrs. he spend a lot of time fixing up other issue for me and didn't charge me also
  4. don't waste your money on that. i rather you do open source tuning and adjust more aggressive throttle respond
  5. i saw that too.. also not use on our car
  6. 5x112? how to use?
  7. item removed from my vehicle $80
  8. takata declare bankrupt last yr. not sure how MI is going to replace the airbag
  9. still looking. happy cny
  10. still looking.
  11. call bms/bks and see if they have any services record. also call motorimage and see if you passanger airbag has been replaced
  12. i received letter last sept and made a appointment the following wk. took me like 3-4hrs. i went to the services center at tpy.
  13. yes its loud. u can take out the fin insert or use purple fin if u dont want to be loud