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  1. Hi Guys, I have lost or misplaced my Jasma cert for my HKS Legalmax for my Auto WRX. What should I do? Inspection due in few months time. Thanks.
  2. catch one of this martha farker, chop of his hands and hang him by the balls above the entrance to MSCP. With a sign around his next. "THIEVES WILL BE DEALT WITH SEVERELY".
  3. damn... my car was broken into there also about 6-months ago. ... highlight=
  4. surprisingly eventhough i drive up north at least one a month, my car was not broken into up north (touch wood). but it was broken into right hear in SG, in my home HDB MSCP. so much for feeling safe in SG and thinking MY is not so safe.
  5. hiya, ATrex with custom Quek STI badge. And Bro Bravo Brembo BBK la. Many like that running around. Some also use bigger STi TMIC, to support bigger snail. So when look thru the scoop can see red STI. With VF34 and other mods can reach 330bhp (cao cao)
  6. I am only an amateur, starting out in this hobby: ... 103822240/
  7. I use the G9 for underwater. its good camera.
  8. What happened?
  9. how did you get updated from the MIB?
  10. Police report made. MIB came. But I am not convinced in the way they conducted their investigation. This is what I observed: - Camera memory card full, can only take ONE photo - No finger printing done - Only LOOK SEE LOOK SEE - And take my statement.
  11. my car was broken into last night. i found out in the morning. the driver side window was smashed. they ripped my Defi Link Display, Apexi turbo timer and Apexi AVCR and also my Garmin GPS. Left glass shards everywhere and cables dangling. it is so sad to have my baby violated like that. BEWARE..... it happened at Blk 395A Bkt Btk W Ave 5 MSCP. there has been a lot of crime in this area lately. house break-ins, drug addicts and now car break-ins. its not hearsay i have first hand info on these happenings. mine is not the only one, there were 4 others car broken into. never imagine that this could happen in SG. I did not use a triple meter with hood, for fear this would happen in BOLEHLAND, so I used Link Display hidden under the IU. Cashcard also always kept away. With no cover on IU. AVCR mounted with velcro, so can detachd and hide under steering, BUT never thought to do that in SG. GPS unmounted and kept in armrest. ALWAYS. Still it can happen here. WHAT ARE THE MEN IN BLUE DOING?
  12. hi, Anyone set to 8 or 9? How is the ride? Thanks.
  13. phantom76 / every 20k / amsoil synthetic atf / 4 qts / drain and replenish
  14. wats is the most comfortable suspension setup for a AutoWRX. please do not suggest stock. because the stock suspension is very bumpy on uneven roads. like a poggo stick. how about stock shocks with eibach springs. thanks.
  15. yes, i will sell mine once i have found more comfy coilovers.