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  1. hi all, i got a almost brand new used hid h7 hid kit for sale. 6000k colour, slim ballasts type, left with 10 months warranty. full taiwan made set! reliable..... CSB BRAND.... S$100 for a set cash and carry or we install free for u... only 1 set available.... 96777707 to arrange.... price is firm.... self collect or installed at: blk h, no. 72 pandan loop, singapore 128286
  2. wow... dun like that leh..... i have what i am today, all thanks to JESUS! HE is my boss!!!! ALL GLORY AND PRAISES TO HIM!!! AMEN!!!! THANKS TO ALL THAT HAD SUPPORTED ME.... dun worry... though i dun post anymore goods to sell here... u guys still can contact me..... cheers!!!!
  3. thank you very much for your support..... do find us in facebook.... :D can get latest updates there.... cheers!!!
  4. Dear ALL members here.... We had decided to pull out from advertising in here.... therefore there will be no more advertisements from me here.... if u guys need to find me.... 96777707 we are still operating..... blk h, no. 72 pandan loop, singapore 128286 you can also find us on facebook - 667racing trading thanks for all that had supported us in any way..... have a blessed 2013!!!!
  5. LIKE!!!! actually singapore is already joke to many countries.... when i travel and tell ppl i am from singapore... they asked me... is it the country that ban chewing gums??? is it that country cars all crazily expensive cos of the paper???? lol..... i nothing to say after that..... totally speechless.... SINGAPORE IS A FINE COUNTRY......
  6. NOTHING wrong with uber leh... ppl ask for workshop to do timing belt change in west side... so i say uber garage...
  7. BLK H, NO. 72 PANDAN LOOP, SINGAPORE 128286 APPT. AT 96777707
  8. come and try fit first then see... 1 side S$120
  9. double sided tape and with some brackets given
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