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  1. As long as Forester, it counts. Yes, Eugeanz.... even the economical way turns out to cost me a lot! But it could have been worse if change of platform.
  2. Elijahbaley, well said. Stronger springs should be matched with improved shocks. Try to get the full set from the same brand/model. The good brands should have done their R&D to match the spring rates and damping rates. That is why, at Pedders, the shocks and springs are matched during R&D. Give me a toot if you need Pedders shocks/springs or coilovers. Text me at 98388467.
  3. Hi bro, alternatively, you can look at an antilift kit and front bush kit from Whiteline. http://whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=KCA359 OR for a more affordable option: http://whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=W51710 and for the front bushing: w52837A - sorry can't find the link. Both items in stock. Please Whatsapp me at 98388467. Thank you.
  4. You may want to check out Pedders. Rears, the have full set suspension, which includes top hat, etc.
  5. For street driving dont need so much camber. Or can compensate with mor caster and anti lift kit so that grip is improved.
  6. Congrats bro! Excellent Choice. Welcome to the Forester brotherhood.
  7. These are not stock, these are better than stock. No Bull - they are Pedders from Australia. PM you the price.
  8. You are right about the Impreza springs being too soft, so go for aftermarket springs which are about 30% stiffer than stock. So far, I have not come across XV specific lowering springs, but we do have for Forester (SH) and Impreza (GE/GH) standard heigh springs.
  9. The 6 speed Euro has closer ratios for 1 - 5 and a longer 6th gear, thus making cruising at speeds above 100kmh a breeze - don't feel running 3000rpm at 100kmh wild and annoying. On 6th gear @ 100kmh, with the 6 speed Euro box, it is around 2400 - 2500 rpm depending on wheel size.
  10. You can get new shocks and springs and make a very comfortable and good handling ride! http://www.pedders.com.au/catalogue Cheers. Simon
  11. If you are driving a SG9, the conversion is a little trickier than the SG5. Your best bet is to look for a full set. In an SG5, it was found that the 6speed from the Euro STi was a better match then the 5 speed from the wrx. This could be due to the heavier weight of the Forester compared to wrx. Anyway, this is a personal preference. Tried 5MT and 6MT on the same car.
  12. Since it is the GP platform, wouldn't it be similar to the Imprezas? Maybe the stock height Impreza springs would lower the XV? Just my 2 cents.
  13. Ready to race on Sunday, elijahbaley??
  14. Aargh... thought it was a full JDM Forester SG9 for sale in M'sia. Haha....
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