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  1. Yo bro ! Keen on rims. Sms me at 90118878 pls thx
  2. Bro sms me at 90118878
  3. Car sold. Thx all for interest
  4. All items sold and following are still avail: 1) stock single scroll downpipe (bottom half): 30sgd 2) Project Mu 4 pot BBK (Front), comes with rotor & both high / Low temp brake pads (used): price reduced to 650sgd cash & carry 3) forester xt stock rims: 350sgd no swap 4) vf37 & full set of pipes for revert to stock (sgt only) - 300sgs cash & carry whatsapp at 90118878 !
  5. Dekitting my Subaru Impreza Sgt or selling whole car as it is for 20k neg. Fully maintained at BKS Amk. Reg: 30 Dec 2008 OMV: 26692 VF52: 450 neg Processwest Tmic: 550 neg Project Mu Fromt Bbk: 700 Hb Sti black Rear Brembo: 450 Defi x 4 (Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Press, Turbo) comes with CU. - 500 neg (labor on u) Fujitsubo Exo: 250 with swap Blitz Boost Controller: 350 neg (labour on u) Boost activated powervalve: 300 if interested. Sms me 90118878