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  1. This is my first post on this forum. I own a buggy that I bought in th US, and the previous owner could not tell me anything about the hybrid Subaru engine on it. This being my very first vehicle with a Subaru engine, I know next to zilch about these motors. So, I need help from some knowledgeable guys, to try and confirm what parts were used to build that engine. The car is titled as a 1976 VW Beetle, so there is no VIN that can help. The buggy is now on a small island in the South Pacific, and the local mechanics and Subaru dealer are not very useful. The engine was built ca. 2005. On the engine case, I can read "EJ25". It is a turbocharged DOHC. I was told that "the motor was built using an engine from a 1991 JDM Legacy 2.0 RS and a 2.5 l. short block". I have replaced the cylinder-head gaskets before, with Subaru part # 11044AA610, which I was told is for a 1993-1998 BD/BG Legacy with an EJ25D engine. Is this correct? I have also replaced the spark plugs, coils and valve cover gaskets before, and those parts were for a 1991 BC/BF Legacy with EJ20G engine. Finding the right parts was a long and difficult process, so I would like to confirm what combination of engines was used to build mine, so it is easier (and safer) to order parts in future. I am now assuming that the motor on my buggy was built using an EJ25D, and the cylinder heads, cams and valve covers were replaced with those from an EJ20G engine. Does this makes sense to you? I need to replace the timing belt kit and the water pump, and I assume that I should order those parts made for an EJ25D. My current timing belt has 281 teeth and is 30 mm wide (1.18"). Can you please confirm whether my assumptions are correct? There is a serial number on the engine case: 314048311705.
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