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  1. Thats great idea too
  2. Any grp chat? Telegram maybe?
  3. Best to bring parts in bro..
  4. Saw on amazon , but unsure it it fits.. Its 50% cheaper than local stores..
  5. Mine is subaru 1.5R. Can recommend timing belt and alu rad via amazon?
  6. No problem bro.. What is your ride [email protected]
  7. waaa lobster nasi lemak at where bro? Shud make a telegram group easy for disccusion /meetup 😂
  8. Thanks bro.. In need of a new timing belt.. Any idea if other brands fits.? Secondly, im looking for the drive shaft and alu rad.. Any lobang? TIA
  9. @Sam666 yes went there last week to reccee..
  10. Thanks , i understood.. Can i pm u?
  11. Where is xiaoming bro.. Got any address.. 😊
  12. Hi, new to this thread.. Any updates to this workshop? Thanks in advance