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  1. Hi all Stock GRB Dampers with H&R Lowering Springs $120 Cooling Mist Methanol Kit complete with 12litre Spec C tank going for 500$ buyer foot labour pls contact my friend at 92714684 Stock Aspen White Wing Mirrors $150 can fit all GD models pls call or wadsap me @ 96693735
  2. its a trade off...my last set only lasted only 30k km and track once only....
  3. ORC has a harder pedal feel then carbonetics i think...ORC more "hardcore"...the carbonetics make a softer ringning noise....driving up carpark slopes meeting jams will die ah LOL
  4. actually Carbonetic twin plate carbon is very nice to drive....the clutch action is very light only thing is its very sharp...the free play is very slight...let go abit it bites...go for it if u can
  5. the stock sti clutch pedal and action is harder then base wrx....the only way is to go back to stock pressure plate
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