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  1. i dun mind smashing that car for free!!!
  2. Hey! Look at THAT! ... The? smoke grenades fit perfectly in the cup holder'
  3. i think it might be possible because of the low boost setting for the High Comp TS engine... at most 0.4 or 0.5bar. dun think it needs a intercooler but then the 'snail' still can be seen.
  4. Which prc did u see? There are two there, the younger girl in overalls quite cute leh. ? wat year are your V12 tyres?
  5. Someone posted it on SPF facebook wall... Police is currently looking into this matter. ? good luck to his lucky bat.
  6. Thanks bro!!! Nice meeting up with u also... My optitron working very well. ?
  7. Bro Thievery... U good hor!! Keep talking bout V12 then ask me get RS3. hahaha. ?? plus the PRC salesgirl was really cute, 'Laura' i think. The prices i got after visiting Hankook woodlands this afternoon. Prices are for 225/R17 & after joining their membership. RS3- $201 (mgf yr 2010) RS2- $180 (mgf yr 2008) S1 Evo- $180.90 (mgf yr 2010) V12- $165 (mgf yr 2009) In the end i chose S1 Evo because they offered me their latest batch 39/10. Membership is $33 but u get a battery voucher of $55 off, plus 2 yrs free nitrogen topup & patching. ? (car wash is $4, vacuum $4.. Only nets & cashcard.) ?
  8. ANyone knows if the offer is still on? wanna change my tyres tomoro. Currently using RS2 tyres but becoming too noisy after 1 1/2 years. Thought of changing to the S1Evo or V12... anyone knows between this two tyres, which is better? read here that the V12 is $165 after discount, how bout S1 evo?
  9. My condolences to the family. It is sad that he would pass on at such a young age.
  10. Saw the alert on iphone 'traffic' app last nite... never knew it was sooo serious until my friend & his friends told me that their cars were stop at kallang KFC carpark and escorted to ford road.
  11. My friend encountered this before as well.... he did pay 50 RM when the police 'requested' for it and even got a handshake from him. But the next time he went to JB, he discovered that the freaking police officer played him out and had issued a summon. That is why i nv offer any 'coffeemoney' to Malaysia Police officers. I speed, u stop me, give me ticket, i go police station to pay... sweet & simple, dun need to talk much. got receipt somemore.
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