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  1. Ups....
  2. 3. Subaru Legacy BL9 Rear Bumper Reflectors with integrated LEDs. 4. Customized Oil Catch Tank
  3. Have the following for sale. 1. Blitz Racing Oil Cooler. Completes with steel braided hoses and sandwich adaptor. 2. SARD RJ Fuel Pressure Regular Large size. Please contact me at Nine7four7four2two3.
  4. There is no wrx gold. Only Brembo gold. And it's not the same as Brembo gold.
  5. Prodrive GC-05F 18" with Michelin PS3 tires for sale.
  6. Ups for the weekend.
  7. Ups for awareness.
  8. Brembo Gold Front Brake Kit - slotted rotors - brake pads - steel braided hoses
  9. Perrin fuel rail sold. Ups for the balance of items.
  10. New item added. Perrin Fuel Rail.
  11. Please contact me at 97474223.
  12. Bump for the weekend.
  13. Ups for the weekend. Thanks for viewing.
  14. Yes you need. 105deg oil temp is hurting the engine. Oil will not be able to lubricate engines efficiently.
  15. Yes, you would like to enquire about the items?