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  1. Ex Hatchback STI owner (just sold 9 mths ago) can join in the TCSS ? haha.
  2. Their R gear not reverse is RACING
  3. Nope bro driving 4 rings now..... my this nick more than 9yrs ago liao haha
  4. thanks bro kenken !!! anyway mr devilogy also no longer driving scooby 2
  5. no more driving subalooo can go ?
  6. aask u dont go tear godzilla liao
  7. me ALL DEEE is A1 nia cunt even chase up to trishaw
  8. overly humble owner of a monstrous ride !!!
  9. iirc n my memory serves me well the only stock part u left is ya dashboard nia hahahahahaha
  10. yup like the fulll upgrades done on ya ride is many goooders
  11. Noted with thanks for the info bro
  12. wah after forum upgrade seems a bit difficult to maneuver... and alot of missing posts here hahaa... anyway to reply to bradder inin36.....jio u kopi next sexsion !
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