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  1. ordered already.....let u know whether it works or not
  2. Ron...fixed mine for around $2xx- whole pump was reconditioned with a kit....has worked perfectly ever since....always fantastic service there
  3. almost 8 years in same ride......still kicks ass...best toy I ever bought
  4. Good stuff....some IDIOT scratched my ride at mustaffa open car park and I was able to completely removed a metre long scratch Quite surprised really cannot see it now...was so angry when I noticed it....why do people scratch cars in Sg? I not even deserve this one.
  5. Only time I ever felt like a VIP in SG was when I had a personal escort on the way to having my ride impounded....many years ago but still remember...now loud but still LTA friendly
  6. Yah Ron should get good service award.....so many people these day so black faced these days and not happy to greet customer.......
  7. I swear Ron should have been in the Avengers movie he come to the rescue before my wife scold me and repaired my aircon for only $50- Thx bro for saving my weekend!!!
  8. air con only blowing hotair on my cockeye sti worried compressor gone #[email protected]%$# Anyone repair before....how much damage?
  9. yah sti badge sucks........ even for 40 year old uncle like me.....pristine record (no claims) 50%NCD NTUC $1800- ahhhh but NTUC did give me a $30.00 rebate this year LOL
  10. can wash with car shampoo and normal sponge...this actually works....my headliner was literally covered in mechanics finger prints for several months and finally I thought what the hell and started scrubbing with car sponge and the headliner now looks like new....also works on seats
  11. stupid maserati bully you because he is still unhappy that he made the mistake of buying a maserati instead of a GTR.............
  12. Two of these guys nearly made me crash they riding tandem and pissing around and weaving around so I got cross and horned them and they salute me back many times with a middle finger....wanna stop and have a chat to them but of course they were too chicken shit and slowed right down......but guess they do me a favour
  13. worse near my house they like to cycle very early morning the wrong way...one day in the rain some auntie is cycling wrong way carrying umbrella and cannot stop missed side of my door by about one foot lol...(i think mainly PRC.......but don't want to be mean to our brothers and sisters....
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