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  1. the VF34 is a OEM turbo found in the JDM S202 STI. it is a ball bearing turbo spool fastter then VF35. off cause power is much better then vf35.
  2. any 1 know who sale oil cooler kit for gt86/brz? thks
  3. Hi all, i also just got my GT86(JDM). as over here most of the BRZ is auto.
  4. walau... auto is more expensive then manual...?
  5. the BRZ/FT86 will sure remain as a RWD, as this car is more on handling... some said the sti ver will hv ~ 250bhp. also this new engine also hv 8 injectors???
  6. some time u get Harry Porter!!
  7. some 1 hv post an OTR pic in FB too.
  8. I hv try this in my 1300cc car... soik for ~ 2000km only . w/ this add-on better used full-syn oil.
  9. Both oil is 10w50 full-syn, but this Total "Racing" seem not the same as the Total "9000" or it is a replacement of 9000 SM?
  10. How about Total Racing 10w50? http://www.lubadmin.com/Restitution.asp ... rametre1=2 http://www.lubadmin.com/upload/produit/ ... 9/5839.pdf
  11. wow... look at the power out put(not soem big numbers) it came out some early!
  12. 818, in M'sia the V-power racing is still 97ron... just hv some additive only. it is not a 98ron.
  13. I think RS is right it is from the WR limited.... my even worst... it dont hv STI nor the Subaru word on it. Just the blue color seat.
  14. yeap... the max ron for malaysia fuel is 97 same go to the shell v-power. or u can get a tuner to ramap the ECU to run @ 97RON (if u r regular come into Malaysia). & keep a couple bot of Octance booster in the boot too if u cannot get 97ron.