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  1. BTW, I had the same problem, the window motor on the drivers side died. I went to JB at this place called Ah Wee's near to holiday inn, all the accessory shops along the road. Generic OEM Cost price 200RM installation 15rm, works perfect. Big smile I had on my face as I was driving home when the window worked at the customs to show passport. I know from stockists in SG the motor costs roughly $400-500.
  2. does that mean that I buy sti rotors and drill the pcd to wrx?
  3. Hi everyone I am about to buy rotors on ebay as I need a change. My car is a hawkeye wrx with PCD 100x5 BUT it has both back and front STI brembo calipers. Now am I able to use the stock WRX rotors with this STI brembo calipers (gold ones) or is there such thing as "sti" brake rotors with 100X5PCD? Is the circumference different? Thanks for the answers R
  4. Is it possible to bolt on a TD05-20G to a stock MY07 rex as the first mod? What will it do, will I feel any difference as opposed to my stock turbo now?
  5. Hello, Where do they sell and install this boost gauge, I do not need so many gauges but just one. anyone knows?