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  1. Oh, ya.. Eagle F1.. Hehe.. Maybe because of uneven wear on the tires? Why I choose Eagle F1 is because it can be rotated, the threads of the tire made it so that there's no outside and inside. That happened in Nov 2010. Haha..
  2. Shit, how did I miss this post!!! Damn.... Welcome back! GT gals for BRZ
  3. Car Year and Model: 2005 WRX GDA Rim model and specs: Rota Torque R 17x9, +30, 5x100 Tyre model and specs: Cannot remember the brand of the tyres, 245/40/17 Camber: 2.2 Front 2.5 Rear (Based on my memories) Car failed inspection due to the cambers setting! Fender Mods: Rear rolled and pulled Suspension: Tein Superstreet
  4. When the rims reached our shores back then. The tires to be used. 245/17/40 Without any negative camber settings. After polishing the car. Took some last photos of her before I sold it off.
  5. I_Love_Rex

    IMG 3542

    Hi, the wheel size is 17x9 +30. Tires are 245/40/17/.
  6. Try to email admin, or reset your password,, It works,
  7. Henry is Langzi! The most famous here.. Hehe
  8. Welcome to the club! Enjoy your stay here.
  9. Am I the only one who see that the VW already speed up before subaru signal? And yet Subaru just change lane because he don't want to be behind the white Van? Hmm....
  10. Cars too expensive.. Haha.. Also, if I sell my current car and get a STi, my wife will kill me..LOL
  11. I got tired of it and sold it off in 2010 after driving for 5 years. I am regretting it big time now!!!!!! Damn... I miss my Subaru so much!
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